7:00 – 8:30 AM: REGISTRATION / NETWORKING / BREAKFAST (replacement of AM snack)


Call to Order
Philippine National Anthem

Message from the Co-Presentor

Opening Remarks from the MAP President
Ms. RIZALINA “Riza” G. MANTARING, Chair, Sun Life Financial Philippine Holding Co., Inc.

Message from the MAP Conference Chair
Conference AVP Theme-setter

9:00 – 10:00 AM: OPENING KEYNOTE

“Business Sustainability Impacts & Future Developments”

Climate change and sustainability have become arguably two of the world's most serious problems. They will tax resources and will require radical solutions that will impact on business operations, regulatory policies and the overall industry competitiveness. Not one sector will have the solutions; these problems require joint efforts by governments, businesses and communities. The rise of impact investing and ethical investors where the expectations are to walk the talk, require a serious review of how businesses operate to determine how ready they will be to respond to these challenges.

Given these issues and the need for organizations to address the triple bottom line – profit, people, planet – what will the future of business be like in this complex environment?

Engr. Wang is an international adviser and author with extensive authority on energy and sustainable business. He is the President of Gate International and was a former director of both Shell China and SABIC in Riyadh. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts FRSA and a Fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineering. He has published three books with Routledge, namely “Successful Business Dealings & Management with China Oil, Gas & Chemical Giants”, “Energy Markets in Emerging Economies: Strategies for Growth”, and “Business Negotiations in China.” He is currently writing two new books on climate change and renewable energy.

10:00 – 10:15 AM: MORNING BREAK

10:15 – 11:15 AM: Session 2

“The New Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid”

This session will explore the profound changes that are moving the needle to close the gap between those who have and the have-nots. These transformations are offering unprecedented opportunities for businesses to create and share prosperity.

Ms. Deepa is an internationally acclaimed innovation and design strategist and consultant whose body of work is recognized in both print and podcast media. She is the co-author of “Predictable Magic: Unleash the Power of Design Strategy to Transform Your Business”, which was selected by Fast Company as one of the Best Design Books of the Year. She shares her passion for emerging markets and innovation at leading companies, business schools and conferences around the globe.

11:15 – 12:15 PM: Session 3

“How sustainability practices impact shareholder value”

Sustainability is the subject of many management discussions especially because this is an issue that strikes close to the heart of stakeholders - regulators, investors, employees, governments and NGOs alike.

Companies are now expected to disclose their sustainability efforts and performance, but many have yet to concretely define the linkage between what they do and the value these create for their businesses and stakeholders. These uncertainties can heighten the risk that sustainability will be driven more as a compliance requirement, thus minimizing the opportunity to achieve the benefits from the sustainability agenda.

PwC has been working with a leading Asian sovereign fund to conduct cutting-edge R&D work to quantify the value that a company's sustainability performance contributes to their base value, and their socio-economic contribution to the countries where they operate.

Mr. Andrew Chan will share the insights gained from these researches, especially on the factors that will establish the link between sustainability performance and value creation.

Mr. Chan established the regional Sustainability & Climate Change (S&CC) practice in PwC Malaysia, which has conducted over 400 projects in the region, and leads sustainability initiatives for PwC’s South East Asian Consulting Services. He helps to actively engage with government, business and civil society organizations to progress the sustainability agenda, like facilitating multi-stakeholder engagement, developing local thought leadership and capacity building. He recently returned from a year at MIT Sloan School of Management, where he served as Teacher’s Assistant in sustainability to postgraduates.

Prior to joining PwC, he was a consultant with Gemini Consulting (London), where he worked on strategic, operational and change management issues. His speaking engagements on sustainability have included WIEF Young Leaders’ Forum, World Congress of Accountants, and Asia21 Young Leaders’ Summit.


1:30 – 3:00 PM: Session 4

“DOING THE UNTHINKABLE” (A Panel Discussion)

Social entrepreneurs are on the rise and are achieving success in their market spaces at unprecedented rate. They are proving that activities that do no harm to the people and planet can be profitable. They are doing the unthinkable. The opener for the afternoon session will be a Panel Discussion where these new breed of entrepreneurs will share their experiences and their passion that focus on engagement with their communities. Ethical and sustainable practices can make for inclusive businesses that can earn well.


Ms. Javelosa is the Founder of Gender-Responsive Economic Actions for the Transformation of Women, or GREAT Women. An advocate for culture and sustainable development, GREAT Women provides opportunities for underprivileged women in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia to establish their own micro-enterprises and provide access to global markets. She has an extensive background in strategic communications, being a Co-founder of The EON Group way back in 1998, before EON became the leading communications consultancy firm in the country.

Mr. Diaz’ NGO, Liter of Light, has already helped 382,000 Filipinos, and 690,000 people throughout the world, to alleviate themselves from energy poverty. Thanks to a clever and environment-friendly lighting concept, made out of recycled plastic bottles, this achieves the goal of bringing light to poor areas while at the same time avoiding to rely on traditional and centralized energy providers, such as coal, nuclear or even hydro plants.

Ms. Carlos is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fetch! Naturals, a premium pet care brand that uses only natural ingredients such as neem or jicama for its products. As an animal lover, she noted that her pets were increasingly having skin issues due to irritation caused from chemical-heavy products. Since she established Fetch! Naturals in 2016, the brand has opened two retail locations in Manila and Los Angeles, and the products can be found in over 30 locations across the Philippines. Ms. Carlos is listed in the Forbes Asia’s “30 under 30”.


3:30 – 4:30 PM Session 5

“Strengths Strategies for Optimal Living”

Today’s competitiveness will hinge in a large measure on the ability of organizations to leverage their human capital. This session will highlight the people equation as the key to outstanding results, particularly the strategies that produce the most significant increases in energy, performance and relationships - and how to be empowered to live and work in optimal ways. Ms. Murphy is the Founder and CEO of People Acuity, a US-based company dedicated to optimizing the value, capabilities, and untapped potential of people. She is the author of the very successful, “Shift Up! Strengths Strategies for Optimal Living.”



Global income continues to rise yet the benefits are not felt where it matters – in improving the quality of lives, in shared prosperity, and in value added to society. The high degree of inter-connectedness also means that the level of awareness on this disparity is heightened, and the reaction is both swift and disruptive. There is less trust and the answers cannot be found in government alone – it must draw from the contributions of all sectors. Businesses are increasingly called upon to help solve society’s problems.


The playing ground for competitiveness and sustainability in the future is in this arena – in doing good, not just looking good; in purpose, not just profits; in driving social change, not just shareholders’ value.


Globalization 4.0 will usher in a new wave that rides on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The effect can bring seismic changes in the geopolitical, economic, technological, social and ecological subsystems as the locus of power shifts. It can also hold the biggest potential to bring about better balance through a more equitable and inclusive development.

The measures of organizational success will be expanded to include not just revenues and profits, but as social enterprises that bring in employees as real partners, that engage with their communities, that espouse ethics and practices that do no harm to people, planet and society.


Those choices are hard, harder and hardest. The 2019 MAP CEO CONFERENCE aims to provide insights and jumpstart discussions that will help in finding answers to these questions and expand the arsenal of strategies and options available for the business leaders to survive the future.

• MAP CEO Conference Core Group 2019

Atty. BENEDICTA “Dick” DU-BALADAD, Governor-in-Charge
Ms. ALMA RITA “Alma” R. JIMENEZ, Vice Chair
Dr. DONALD PATRICK “Donald” LIM, Member
Mr. FERNANDO “Fern” PEÑA, Member

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Ms. Georgianna Carlos (Philippines)

Pack Leader, Fetch! Naturals

George is a serial entrepreneur based in the Philippines. She is currently known for her work as Founder and CEO of Fetch! Naturals, a line of all natural pet care products made out of 100% plant Aqueous Extract. Through Fetch!, she is able to spread awareness in the Philippines when it comes to pet care and using natural alternatives. She is an advocate to not just animal welfare but to the proper regulation of consumer products for pets, making Fetch! known to be an FDA registered and DOST tested brand. Aside from this, she has been working on finding ways to deliver these products to consumers in more sustainable ways such as setting up refill stations and when possible, using recyclable packing materials. It is because of her work with Fetch! that she was included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2019 list. Aside from Fetch!, she also runs MyOffice Philippines, where she helps entrepreneurs with the processes when it comes to starting a business in the country. She has also been a mentor and panelist to Ateneo de Manila University's business accelerator program. Before starting her own ventures, she worked for EON, a PR & Events firm where she handled various corporate accounts including PLDT, SCG (Siam Cement Group), and others. She also was a guidance counselor for high school students in Multiple Intelligence International School.

Mr. Andrew WK Chan (Malaysia)

Sustainability & Climate Change Leader PwC’s South East Asian Consulting Services

Andrew established the Sustainability & Climate Change (S&CC) practice in PwC Malaysia and leads sustainability for PwC’s South East Asian Consulting Services. Andrew helps to actively engage with government, business and civil society organisations to progress the sustainability agenda, this includes facilitating multi- stakeholder engagement, developing local thought leadership and capacity building. He recently returned from a year at MIT Sloan, where he was supporting teaching of sustainability to postgraduates. He has led over 150 developmental sustainability engagements. Prior to joining PwC, he was a consultant with Gemini Consulting (London), where he worked on strategic, operational and change management issues. He is actively involved in driving the sustainability agenda across SEA, including developing cutting edge approaches in sustainability value measurement. His speaking engagements on sustainability have included WIEF Young Leaders’ Forum, World Congress of Accountants, and Asia21 Young Leaders’ Summit.

Mr. Illac Diaz (Philippines)

Founder, Liter of Light and MyShelter Foundation

At 44 years old, Illac Diaz is no ordinary entrepreneur. From Peru to the Philippines, his NGO Liter of Light has already helped 382,000 Filipinos, and 690,000 people throughout the world, to get out of energy poverty. Thanks to a clever and environmental-friendly lighting concept, made out of recycled plastic bottles, this achieves the goal of bringing light to poor areas while at the same time avoiding to rely on traditional and centralized energy providers such as coal, nuclear or even hydro plants. Born in the Philippines in a wealthy Italian family, no one could have guessed Illac would one day become a social entrepreneur. In parallel to completing studies in economics, he then worked as an actor and roamed the city’s nightlife. But after an early career in advertising and a Master’s degree in entrepreneurship, he decided to give a new meaning to his life. His first social project, Pier One, was designed to help sailors between contracts get a bed close to the harbor, in an area of Manila were the housing crisis was particular harsh, and decent accommodation for reasonable budget, scarce. With a dormitory gathering 40 beds at the beginning, the project is still alive and now offers over 1,500 beds. This proof of concept gave birth to the Centro Migrante initiative, which teaches sailors between contracts how to build their own home. Illac quickly became renowned worldwide for his action in social entrepreneurship. He gained support from MIT and Harvard to improve his projects, before founding Myshelter Foundation in 2006, the organization operating Liter of Light today.

Ms. Jeannie Javelosa (Philippines)

Representative, GREAT Women

ADVOCATE FOR CULTURE: Award-winning visual artist (20 solo shows), book author-critic (Manila Critic’s Award), culture specialist and museum curator. Has produced international and national projects with the ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information, working with Southeast Asian countries. Has headed and run cultural institutions, was Vice-Chair of the Philippine Cultural Education Plan and started the Institute of Culture and Arts Management which ran nationwide programs. ADVOCATE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. Co-Founder of the award-winning pioneering social enterprise and green-fair trade store called ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle includes market-cafe and e-commerce. ECHO means Environment Community Hope Organization. Leads the ECHOsi Foundation, non-profit development arm; and editor for ECHOnewspost a blog-magazine on sustainability. Speaks in national and international fora related to topics of sustainability, gender, culture (Chongching, China; Hague, Netherlands; Greece; Lyon and Paris in France; Bangkok,Thailand). Was a finalist for Asia Pacific to the Cartier Women’s Initiative Award in Paris in 2012. STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS. Strategic branding-marketing-communicator. In 1998, she co-founded EON Stakeholder Relations Firm, a business communication consultancy to top global and local brands. EON is the Philippine affiliate of Edelman International, the leading PR company in the world. Jeannie has held consultancies for business development with two other groups between Asia Pacific (China-Hongkong-Australia), Europe (France-Italy) and the United Arab Emirates. Has a 12-year old column at the Sunday Philippine Star. Member of the World Entrepreneur Forum. Founding President of the Business and Professional Women (BPW) Makati. A yoga practitioner for 18 years. Leads ECHOyoga Shala. Part-time yoga teacher since 2002 with a teaching certificate for Ashtanga Yoga. Does counseling, talks, workshops on contemporary spirituality and wellness. Specialties: Culture for Sustainable Development; Creative and Strategic Planning-Visioning-Programming-360 Communications, Culture and Arts Expertise, Branding and Brand Re-Engineering, Design and Product Development, Consciousness-Yoga-Contemporary Spirituality.

Ms. Deanna Murphy (USA)

Founder and CEO, People Acuity

Across the globe, three difficult questions press today’s leaders in the new Human Economy: 1. How can I align my business objectives and People Culture to win in a new economic era where the rules of winning have changed? 2. How can I help my people volunteer their hearts and minds, and choose to engage themselves at work? 3. How can I remove the barriers that interfere with strong engagement, leadership, and teamwork – given how crucial these things are to winning today? The bridge to the people-focused Human Economy is People Acuity, which is all about “clearly seeing and effectively optimizing people.” You can’t win in this new economy without this skill! Additionally, this means finding cutting edge ways of empowering employees to take proactive accountability for their own engagement by teaching them a learned skill called Work Joy, a partner skill that multiplies the leader-driven engagement initiatives that are typically used today. It enrolls all people in the organization to full loyalty and commitment – not just leaders. These leading ideas have led me into authorship of three books, onto stages and into training and board rooms in 34 countries around the world as a keynote speaker, executive and team coach, and facilitator of People Culture alignment and transformation. My partnership with both Fortune 500/Global 1000 companies and small-to-midsize businesses have led to employee engagement increases of 259%, productivity shifts of +90%, and sales tripling for three consecutive years in some retail organizations. In fact, I’m so certain you’ll see similar results I offer a money-back guarantee. People Acuity introduces 45 cutting edge new tools, assessments, models, and certifications to help you align business strategy and People Culture and transform the way people work. It can help you bust through barriers that slow you down and increase your people performance, productivity, and profitability. Thousands of people can’t be wrong!

Ms. Deepa Prahalad (USA)

Board Member, South Asian Arts Council (SAAC)

Deepa Prahalad is an author, speaker and innovation/design strategy consultant with an emphasis on emerging markets and social innovation. She has experience in a wide range of industries and has worked as a management consultant with firms from start-ups to large multinationals. She began her career researching how to improve efficiency in UN procurement and later moved to Singapore to become a commodities trader with Cargill. Deepa Prahalad is the co-author of Predictable Magic: Unleash The Power of Design Strategy To Transform Your Business, (Financial Times Press, 2010), which was selected by Fast Company as one of the “Best Design Books of the Year”. She is also a frequent blogger on the Huffington Post, Harvard Business Review, and other publications. An engaging speaker, Deepa shares her passion for emerging markets and innovation at leading companies and business schools such as Harvard, USC and the University of Michigan and via mentorship of social entrepreneurs. She actively supports several global efforts in memory of her late father, management guru CK Prahalad, including the Prahalad Initiative at the University of Michigan. Deepa holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. She is an elected member of the International Academy of Management and the Center for Digital Transformation at University of California (Irvine) and was ranked #34 on the inaugural Thinkers 50 India list. She is a member of Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches program, selected from among 16,000 applicants worldwide. Deepa is also active in non-profit boards. She serves on the advisory boards of the Global Peter Drucker Forum and Arogya World and is a patron of the Indiaspora Forum. Deepa is an advisor/investor for ReMaterials, an innovative and transformational roofing company in India. An art enthusiast, she is on the board of the Committee for Arts of the Indian Subcontinent (CAIS) at the San Diego Museum of Art.

Eur Ing. Henry K. H. Wang (Hong Kong)

President of Gate International Ltd

Eur Ing.. Wang is an international adviser, author & speaker with extensive high level business experience globally. He is President of Gate International Ltd and was a former director of both Shell China and SABIC in Riyadh. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts FRSA and Fellow of Institute of Chemical Engineering. He has been invited to join the London University SOAS Advisory Board and University College London China Advisory Board. He is also a member of the Imperial College London Grantham Climate Change Stakeholder Committee & China Carbon Forum Advisory Board. He has published books, technical and management papers globally. His 3 books “Successful Business Dealings & Management with China Oil, Gas & Chemical Giants”, “Energy Markets in Emerging Economies: Strategies for Growth” and “Business Negotiations in China” were published globally by Routledge. He has been invited to write two new books on Climate Change & Renewables. His negotiation management paper was selected as one of Top Five UK Management Papers of the Year 2015. He also holds international patents on new process inventions. He has been invited to speak at international conferences, leading universities and business schools plus lead executive workshops globally.