Sharing a slice of the Filipino’s rebirth BrandRoom / 12:54 PM August 24, 2020

Bread has been a valuable staple in all cultures for centuries around the world. In a country like the Philippines which embraces a colorful food culture and history, food staples like bread have become a massive part of every dining table. The ubiquitous ​Tinapay (the national term for bread), for instance, is a Filipino favorite, evident with the ​panaderias sprouting almost everywhere. For years, Filipinos delighted with the native breads and queueing up for a fresh pack every morning in one’s preferred neighborhood bakery has been so ingrained in the country’s cultural experiences. Add to this the psychological effect of eating bread, which has easily become a “comfort food” of sorts, and how every bite evokes feelings of warmth, well-being, and of home.

In 1997, Gardenia entered the Philippine bread market and established its factory in Binan, Laguna, and gave the country a delightful alternative; and thus, began the love affair of Filipinos with every delicious slice of a Gardenia loaf.

After 23 years since inception in the Philippines, Gardenia has emerged from its humble beginnings to become a much sought-after essential on every Filipino table—a comfort food we turn to from breakfast to lunch, snacks and dinner, to personal milestones and celebrations, holidays and special family occasions.

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