GT Capital

As one of the leading conglomerates in the Philippines, GT Capital Holdings, Inc. continues to be the partner of choice for best-in-class global brands. Top international and local companies, including Toyota Motor Corporation, AXA S.A., and Metro Pacific Investments Corporation, among many others, have recognized the benefit of developing long-term strategic partnerships with the GT Capital Group through mutual trust, respect, and transparency. Its local knowledge and expertise, strong nationwide footprint, broad spectrum of clients, and longevity make GT Capital the ideal partner for many leading brands. The GT Capital Group leverages on these robust strategic partnerships to provide the best products and services to the Filipino people in five key sectors of the Philippine economy – banking, automotive assembly, importation, and distribution, property development, infrastructure and utilities, and life and general insurance. GT Capital and its component companies are Partners for Good: trusted partners in long-term strategic joint ventures, in achieving the common good through nation-building, and in delivering world-class products and services to the Filipino. Read more..