Isla Lipana & Co.

1. Ten Years to Midnight book

PwC’s book “Ten Years to Midnight: Four urgent global crises and their strategic solutions” by Blair Sheppard and his team examines the root causes of the crises and suggests a few strategic solutions that could begin to fix them. Read more..

2. PwC Philippines’ COVID-19 web section

Description: As the COVID-19 situation continues to rapidly unfold, PwC Philippines shares with you developments that matter, as well as local and global insights, that may help your organization. Read more..

3. PwC Philippines’ Virtual CFO

Description: If employing a full-time CFO during and after a pandemic is not possible, Isla Lipana & Co. (PwC) now offers the next best thing. Read more..

4. PwC Philippines’ Business Resiliency Strategy

Description: We draw together the experience and specialist skills from across the Business Resiliency Strategy team and the wider PwC firm to help lenders, creditors, companies and individuals in troubled financial situations identify problems, gain cooperation, develop solutions and implement them with ease and precision. Read more..

5. PwC Philippines’ Research and insights

Description: Browse through our research, insights and other publications intended to bring you useful information about emerging issues and possible solutions to business needs. Foreign investors interested to do business in the Philippines will find our business guides highly informative. Read more..